Little Eds are meeting tomorrow

Little Eds will be meeting this Sunday (19th Oct) during the 11am service. We will be doing the story of The Flood and the Ark. All children welcome.

The Flood and the Ark

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Little Eds Wildlife Craft in the Churchyard

On the 25th October from 11-12pm we will be sprucing up the churchyard. This is a lovely opportunity for children big and small to get involved. Do you fancy making some bird feeders and insect hotels for wee beasties to overwinter in? Please let us know ( if you are intending to come, so we can make sure we have enough materials. Soup and bread provided afterwards!

If you have any unwanted items at home that we could use, please see Dani or Philippa. In particular, we are looking for bird seed, garden twine/ribbon, pine cones, suet, scraps of timber and old bamboo canes.

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Little Eds are meeting this Sunday

Little Eds will be meeting this Sunday (5th October) during the 11am service. We will be doing the story of Creation. All children welcome.


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October 2014 Newsletter


5th October               Sunday at Eleven: William Tyndale                                                           Susan Hollins

12th October             Sunday at Eleven: Ridley and Latimer lighting the flame                     Susan Hollins

19th October             Eucharist: Luke the beloved Physician – Healing ministries              Susan Hollins

26th October             Sunday at Eleven: ‘Blessed Lord who caused all

Holy Scriptures to be written for our learning…’                                  Susan Hollins


5th October               Francis                                                                                                           Susan Hollins

12th October             ‘Christ has no hands on earth but ours.’ Teresa of Avila                    Susan Hollins

19th October             Touching the hem of the garment – Healing ministries                      Susan Hollins

26th October             Spirituality in season                                                                                  Susan Hollins


Sunday Morning Holy Communion: This Book of Common Prayer Service at 8.00 am will be taken by Andrew Davison on 5th October and Susan Hollins on 12th, 19th and 26th October.

Taizé Service: this ecumenical service will be held weekly at 9.00 pm on Monday evenings from 6th October in the Church. For further information please contact Giulia Conto (

The Meditation Group will continue to meet on Fridays at 5.30 pm.

All Souls: The annual commemoration of the departed at this time of year is an important occasion for many people. There will be three all-souls-tide services, firstly the Prayer Book Communion Service at 10.30 am on Friday, 31st October at which names of the departed will be read out (if you would like any name(s) added to the list of the departed, please add them to the list at the back of the Church or let Susan Hollins know). Sunday at Eleven and The Meditative Eucharist on Sunday, 2nd November, will give further opportunities to remember those who have died.

Little Eds: between now and Christmas our children’s group will be meeting for Godly Play during “Sunday at Eleven” on 5th and 19th October, 2nd and 16th November, and then weekly during Advent on 30th November, 7th, 14th and 21st December.

The Women’s Group will be meeting on Sunday 5th October at 3.00 pm in the Clare Chapel of the Church. Margot Krebs Neale will be talking about about her work as a professional photographer and a project she has been involved in photographing women. The Group hopes to arrange to visit an exhibition of her work. For further details please contact Ann Kember.

The Meditation Group continues to meet each Friday afternoon at 5.30pm until 6.15. Silence, prayer and meditation offer a rich resource for life in Christ.

“A Chance to Talk”: following on from the meetings in July, the fourth session with Ruth Adams will be on Thursday, 16th October at 7.00 pm in the Church. It is open to all those who attended the earlier meetings and any other members of the congregation who would like to attend. These meetings provide opportunities for us to reflect upon the difficult pathways of the last year and to begin to outline the building blocks for our life together now and for the future.

Chapter Meeting: The next Chapter will be meeting at 6.30 pm on Wednesday, 8th October in the Clare Chapel of the Church. An Agenda will be posted very soon.

Ann Kember: Ann will be away from St. Edward’s until the middle of November on her placement with the Papworth benefice and her non-church placement. She has requested not to be contacted by members of the St. Edward’s congregation during this time. On her return Ann will be focusing on her ministerial training and will be relinquishing some of her roles in church to support this.

Churchyard: We will be meeting again for litter picking and light gardening at 11.00 am on Saturday, 25th October followed by a mug of soup and bread. Children are encouraged to come but must be supervised.   If you are planning to come, it would be helpful if you could let Philippa Pearson or Judith Tonry know.


Autumn is a natural time of change: daylight time reduces; the temperature drops; the trees lose their leaves; our thoughts begin, perhaps reluctantly, to turn towards Christmas and the ending of the calendar year. The fading of summer creates nostalgia in us as we consider the summer that has now faded from view, but which is held in our memory.

Autumn is a time of remembering and remembrance through the festivals of All Saints, All Souls and then, in November, the great Act of Remembrance on or around 11 November which seems to grow in significance each passing year. In this natural season we also remember the Reformation saints and martyrs whose lives lit great candles of witness which burn to this day. We will also remember Luke, known as The Great Physician and reflect upon our call to be people of healing and of reconciliation. On almost every day during this golden month of October the life of a saint or a martyr is recalled: a feast indeed for our hearts, minds and souls.

In this new season we’ll continue with the crucially important healing work that was set in train during the mid-summer with Ruth Adams. This work is both collective and individual as we consider both the past events that have had a profound impact upon our life here, and begin to shape the new pattern of our life together building upon our strong values and identity as God’s people in this place and time.

St Edward’s has a strong and positive profile as a church where those in training for ministry may both learn from and give to our community. This year will be no different. Ann Kember’s role among us will change as she steps aside from being Pastoral Assistant in order to concentrate on her final year of ministerial formation before she’s ordained next June. Ann will welcome our prayer and active support in this year as the demands of her final year of training are considerable. We will also welcome back James Brown, an Ordinand from Ridley, who is also in his final year of ministerial training. We’ll also be welcoming a new Ordinand, Reid Humble who is in training at Westcott House. Our prayer and our active support will be very much appreciated by James and by Reid. My part in this will be to provide regular supervision to each of these Ordinands, a task that I will enjoy massively as we work with each other and learn with and from each other. Ann, James and Reid will be taking a regular part in the preaching rota, and in the Sunday Services in general.

In every parish in which I’ve served I’ve visited people at home – in good times and in sad times – and in hospital. I want to grow this ministry among you here, so please don’t hesitate to ask me if you’d like me to visit you, and especially if you have, or someone you know has, need. This applies to night-time crises as well as the day time! I will be very pleased to bring Holy Communion to you at home, in hospital, hospice or any other place of care. Specifically, and to begin with, I’ll be picking up from where Malcolm and Ann have left off in this area.

My God be our light and our way as we tread new paths together through this changing season.

With the assurance of my prayers


Vicar-Chaplain: Susan Hollins (01954 269676, 07918 671476,; Other Clergy: Alan Cole (892286,, Churchwardens: Judith Tonry (892160,, Charlie Bell (07962 021067,; Treasurer, Geoffrey Barnes (362004,; Little Eds: Dani Redhead (; Sunday Morning Singers: Philippa Pearson ( Church phone: (01223) 362004. Church website:

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Little Eds term dates

Little Eds will be meeting this Sunday (21st September) during the 11am service. We will be doing the story of the Holy Family. All children welcome.Holy Family

Little eds dates for Michaelmas

First and third Sundays of the month i.e.
Sunday 21st Sept
Sunday 5th Oct
Sunday 19th Oct
Sunday 2nd Nov
Sunday 16th Nov
and then weekly until Christmas i.e.
Sunday 30th Nov
Sunday 7th Dec
Sunday 14th Dec
Sunday 21st Dec

If you’d like more details about Little Eds,  here they are.

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September newsletter

The September newsletter is found here: Sept 14 Newsletter (microsoft word document); Sept 14 Newsletter (pdf)

Newsletters are also available in hardcopy at St Eds.


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Notices for Week Commencing 31st August, 2014

Notices for Week Commencing 31st August, 2014

Susan Hollins’ Licensing by the Lord Bishop of Ely will take place in the Church at 3.00 pm on Sunday, 7th September. As well as Bishop Stephen, Susan’s family and visitors from the Canterbury Diocese, we are hoping that many distinguished guests will be able to join us as well as many of the who have helped us out in recent months. For this reason, there will be no Meditative Eucharist at 5.00 pm on the 7th September, but there will be a combined Eucharist for both congregations at 11.00 am.

 Parish Lunch: our Autumn Parish Lunch will be taking place on Sunday, 7th September at Trinity Hall, prior to Susan’s Licensing. This is earlier in September than usual, so that Susan’s friends and family, as well as those who have supported the Church over the past few months, have the opportunity to join us for lunch before attending the service at 3.00 pm. We are expecting to be busier than usual, so please put your name down on the board at the back of the Church or let Judith Tonry or Jillian Wilkinson know you are coming before Tuesday, 2nd September. It would be helpful if all those who are able bring either a salad or a pudding to augment the meat and drinks provided by Trinity Hall, again please let us know what you will be bringing.

Sunday, 31st August

8.00 am           Holy Communion (BCP) with Susan Hollins

11.00 am         Sunday at Eleven: John Bunyan

                        Preacher: Malcolm Guite

5.00                 Meditative Eucharist: 4 Essential Elements of Prayer

                        4: Supplication   Preacher: Malcolm Guite


Friday, 5th September

10.30am           Holy Communion (BCP) with Alan Cole

5.30pm            Meditation Group led by Ann Walton


Sunday, 7th September

8.00 am           Holy Communion (BCP) with Susan Hollins

11.00 am         Sunday at Eleven: Eucharist

                        Preacher and President: Susan Hollins

3.00 pm           Licensing of Revd Susan Hollins by

                        The Lord Bishop of Ely

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