This week at St Edwards

Today is Easter Day, and there will be the usual meditative Eucharist at 5.00 pm at which Fraser will preside and preach.

On Wednesday there will be On The Edge at 8.00 pm, at which Fraser will preach on ‘walking wounded’, linking the wounds of the risen Jesus with our wounds, and playing a selection of the many tracks that connect with the theme of ‘walking wounded’.

On Thursday there will be lunchtime prayers at 12.30, led by Fraser. On Friday at 10.30 am there will be Holy Communion, at which Vivienne Lake will be the celebrant. On Friday at 5.30 there will be meditation, led by Fraser.

Note that Easter Day coincides this year with the start of ‘summer time’ (even though summer weather has not yet arrived!)

If you have electoral roll forms that you have not yet returned, please bring them with you on Sunday. The final deadline is April 5th.


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